Task Status

Tasks can be assigned one of six different statuses to track its completion progress. 

  • Ope
    By default, all tasks are marked as open. This status signifies that it has not yet been started.
  • Not Applicable 
    Not Applicable status is typically used for tasks that may not apply to a particular site. Perhaps you do not have a Facebook page for your business; the tasks relating to Facebook can then be marked Not Applicable, so that no one on your team gets confused.
  • On Hold
    On Hold is commonly used to mark tasks that have been started, but whose progress has been blocked for some reason.
  •  In Review
    Tasks set to In Review have been completed and are awaiting approval from a supervisor or from the client.
  • Verified
    Verified tasks have received the required approvals and are ready to be implemented (if applicable).
  • Completed
    Completed tasks have been implemented and no longer require further attention.